What is Heari?

Heari is a social networking app allowing users to literally voice their Opinions/Thoughts/Ideas/Feelings/Talents through Audio notes and share it with their followers and fellow friends for ensuring a good flow of communication among the users. Our social networking app allows users to connect with like minded individuals and communicate with them online, not just through texts and messaging but also via audio communication. Undoubtedly, Internet has been one of the major influencing tool for the society when it comes to socializing and interaction. Social networking sites today have been in plenty and most people use it for expressing their thoughts, ideas, emotions, facts, knowledge and so on. Social Networking is also a great platform for entreprenuers to promote their businesses online. Many public figures and businesses like to have a strong online presence in the form of social media posts. At our platform, we have made the process simplified and easier for you, by providing you with the right platform where you can voice your ideas,thoughts,stories and opinions in a very safe and secured manner.

Heari Radio Stream

One of the most prominent features we have is that we are running our own Radio stream which allows users to broadcast the audio notes to other users. If you want the audio note to be sent in a specific time, we also have quick broadcasting services for you which you can avail by paying

Finding People to Follow

Connect With Friends

Create your own Profile and get Hearers which will be able to hear your audio posts, and follow them back to Hear them

Communicate with the world

Record your post,add amazing sound effects on it, tag it with your own picture,add your location, Share instantly on Facebook,Twitter & More

Chat with your Hearers

Chat with your Family,Friends & your Hearers in private or Group that created by you throw our messages system by Text Or Audio messages which it something new and awesome

Download Now

download Heari and start using your voice to change the world