Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy will govern all privacy and security issues that may arise in relation to your access to (referred as HEARI INC., we, us, or our), or use of its mobile app (Heari) and related services (the Service) being offered on this website or the websites of its partners, subsidiaries, licensees, affiliates, and service providers (collectively referred as the Collaborating Partners).

The app Heari lets share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and other audio posts, and this privacy statement will explain how we may collect, process, retain, and use or share your personal information in relation to the Service. If you don’t agree, you may remove our app from your mobile device and discontinue the Service.

This Privacy Policy shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with HEARI INC., including the terms and conditions, End-user licenses and additional agreements that you may enter with HEARI INC. or the Collaborating Partners for using any feature or aspect of the Service being offered on the App/website.

When you download, install or use Heari to share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and other audio posts or use related features/services being offered on this website or the websites of the Collaborating Partners, HEARI INC. shall be entitled to collect, process, retain, use or share your personal information with the Collaborating Partners or other third parties as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

However, this Privacy Policy will not apply to anything that you publicly share on the Service. Your name, profile pictures, audio submissions, gender, username, User ID or any information that you upload on the Service shall be deemed as publicly shared information. We reserve a right to use your voluntarily shared or submitted information for our business promotion.

If someone has your Username or User ID, they can access your information on the Service.  You should never upload anything that you are not happy for everyone to see or hear.

Information we may collect

Identifiable Information

HEARI INC. may log the unique ID of your device, collect certain identifiable information and monitor your activities on the Service. However, we will never screen your activities or collect your identifiable information unless such collection or screening is necessary for providing the service or improving your experience on the Service.

Your name, contact number, email address, location, birthday, gender, or any information that uniquely identifies you on the Service will be collected only when you voluntarily submit this information to:

  • Register on the App/Service.
  • Upload data or make any submissions in any format to the Service.
  • Subscribe to newsletters or any other service being offered on the App/Service.
  • Submit your complaints, feedback, or suggestions on the Service or through any user feedback from, community forum, or social media platform being provided on this website or the websites of its collaborating partners.

HEARI INC. will never use any kinds of automated tools and techniques to collect your identifiable information, but we may collect certain information that others might share about you. We shall be entitled to collect your information from other users/third parties when:

  • They follow you, interact with you on the Service, upload your pictures, contact information, audio posts or otherwise share any information about you on/through the Service.
  • Our affiliates, advertising partners, customers and other third parties provide your personal information for delivery of ads and marketing materials or as part of their service. For example, an advertiser may collect and share your information with us for evaluating the effectiveness and improving the quality of their advertisements.
  • Other users who share your information on the Service may also control how your information is shared. You shall never share any third party information of content that you are not authorized to or amounts to an infringement of others rights to privacy or publicity.

Please acknowledge that your access or use of third-party features/services on the App/Service or any part of this website shall be subject to terms and privacy policies of the respective service providers. We shall not be liable for any privacy issues related to third-party features/services being offered on the Service.

Non-identifiable Information

When you use Heari to share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and audio posts or related features being offered on the App/Service, we may use certain automated tools and techniques to collect your system-related data and browsing behavior on the Service (referred as User Data). For example, when you send or receive a message, make a search inquiry, click on, view another person's submissions or otherwise interact with other users on the Service, we may receive data about your use of the Service. Similarly, we may receive additional data (metadata) such as the time, date, and place you took the pictures or recorded audio/video files.

User Data is known as non-identifiable information as it doesn’t reveal your unique identity on the Service. We may collect the following types of user data related to the services being offered on the App/website:

  • GPS and location information
  • the date and time you visit the site
  • technical information about the IP address
  • browser and the operating system you use
  • your user ID and users that log in using the same device
  • The device information that is being used to access Heari
  • Mobile/Internet Service Provider or other services being used to access/use Heari
  • Other details of your device and browsing behavior

Please acknowledge that we may consolidate the collected information by linking your data that may be obtained from different sources. For example, we may combine your current city with GPS and other location information for keeping you informed about exciting deals and promotional offers/events you might be looking for. Similarly, we may process and link/combine other information to serve relevant ads as per your preferences and requirements.

User Data can be very instrumental in resolving technical issues, improving certain features on the app and enhancing your overall experience on the Service.

Third Party Cookies

HEARI INC. may monetize its App using Google AdMob or collaborate with other third-party service providers who may be employing their own cookies to collect your personal information in relation to ad serving or other being offered on the App/Service.

When you use Heari to access any feature or service on this social media network, it shall be deemed that you have accepted these third party tools and techniques for collection of your personal information in relation to third party services on the App/website.

If you are not comfortable with third party cookies or other automated tools and techniques, you may disable them by changing the configuration settings of your device or using any third party app/service, but you should understand that these cookies can be very instrumental for the proper functioning of certain features/aspects of the Service, and disabling them may negatively impact your ability to use the Service.

How we may use your Personal Information

As a general rule, your personal information shall be used for the purpose it has been collected. HEARI INC. shall be entitled to use or share your personal information with the Collaborating Partners or other parties for the following purposes:

  • Registering you on the App/Service.
  • Providing the Service and letting you share your location, thoughts, opinions, and ideas as audio posts, and/or keeping you informed about the best deals, promotional offers, events or other useful information in a hassle-free manner.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and offering exciting deals, promotional offers, events, or other services as per your preferences and requirements.
  • Sending newsletters or subscribing to any other services being offered on the App/Service.
  • Sending alert notifications regarding new features or any changes in the Service, including the changes in this Privacy Policy.
  • Receiving your feedback and resolving issues related to the Service.
  • Improving business relationship with the existing partners or collaborating with relevant service providers. For example, we may share your information with the third party service providers in relation to their services being offered on the Service.
  • Inviting you to participate in forums, social media platforms or promotional events being organized by us or the collaborating partners.
  • Researching, analyzing, troubleshooting, testing, or consolidating your personal information for internal purposes.

Unless you have given your explicit consent to receive promotional offers, we will never sell, lease or rent your personal information for direct marketing. In case, you give your consent to relieve promotional offers, we will keep you informed about the privacy practices or remove all your identifiable information from the shared data. However, if you don’t want to receive our advertisements and promotional offers targeted on the basis of your search history, or would like to revoke your permission, you may opt-out from our promotional services by changing the configuration settings of the application.

When feasible, your non-identifiable information will be aggregated and made anonymous before using, retaining or sharing it with the collaborating partners/third parties.

Sharing and Disclosure

HEARI INC. will never do anything that compromises your privacy or security on the App/Service, but it shall be entitled to share your personal information with the Collaborating Partners or other third parties in its sole discretion or when it believes that such sharing such sharing or disclosure is necessary to:

  • Cooperate with the investigating agencies.
  • Protect its business/legal rights as well as the rights of other users.
  • Comply with the applicable laws, government regulations or court rulings
  • Prevent any fraud or unauthorized activities on the app/website and maintain its services and integrations safe and secure.
  • Transfer the ownership of its business in a hassle-free manner.

Access and correction

You shall be allowed to access your personal information that we retain on the Service and change it to keep your submitted information accurate, complete and updated. However, we may refuse any such access/removal of your personal information if such requests are:

  • In violation of our business / legal rights.
  • Likely to violate any privacy rights of other users.
  • Unreasonably repetitive, systematic or require disproportionate technical effort.
  • Violate data protection act or related laws that require us to retain your personal information.

Deleting and deactivating your account

  • If you want to stop using your account, you can delete it.
  • When you delete your account, it will be permanently deleted within 30 days, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs, and take longer to remove.
  • Some of your information is not stored on Heari/Service. For example, any message that you sent someone using Heari may remain intact even when you delete your account.

How long we store your information

We store data for as long as it is necessary to deliver the Service or comply with the applicable laws. Information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted.


When you use Heari to access the Service, it shall be deemed that you are at least 18 years of age, and if you are not, accessing/using the Service under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardians who shall accept this privacy policy on your behalf. However, minors of less than 13 years of age are not allowed to use the Service. If we believe or become aware that any minor of less than 13 years of age has submitted his or her personal information related to the Service or otherwise, we will remove the personal information of such minors in our sole discretion. 

Third party links/ads

Heari may contain ads or links to third party websites and their content. We don’t endorse or recommend any views, reviews, advice, suggestion, recommendation, information or policies related to third party services being offered on the Service. This privacy policy will not apply to third party websites and their content or services. Please apply your prudence before clicking on any third-party advertisement or link being made available on the Service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

HEARI INC. reserves a right to modify or replace this Privacy Policy at any time and in its sole discretion. Continued access to the Services after a policy modification shall be deemed as your consent to accept the modified Privacy Policy.

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